Justin M.D. Nelson



In his first anthology of short fiction, Justin M.D. Nelson introduces readers to occurrences of the strangest, and most terrifying kind.
An old woman with an unwelcome houseguest. A group of kids fleeing from the horror unfolding in their small town. A dark carnival with a twisted and sinister traveling show. A prisoner who finds himself prey to a creature of unimaginable evil.

This is Justin M.D. Nelson's first collection of short fiction, containing seventeen dark and gothic stories. A few have previously been published, but most are new to the public eye.

Take a breath, and enjoy the tales of just a few of the dark occurrences that happen all around us.
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The City of God

Justin M.D. Nelson's first novel, a fast-paced work of young adult fiction.  Follow Cormac's journey through a city ruled by the tyrannical American Church.
 It's been almost one hundred years since August the Great led his followers west through the ruins of the Former United States, establishing his religion, the American Church, in a new city that came to be known as the City of God.

For Cormac all hopes of a normal life are destroyed when he is kidnapped and forced to join the Army of God, fighting as a soldier against all who threaten the Church’s power.  When he discovers a boy who claims he can hear the voice of God, it sends him on a journey across the city.  With the boy, and the dark secrets of the city and the Church, Cormac must decide which side he is on as the city stands on the brink of a revolution.
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The Brothers of New Hope

In a small town, three brothers have given into the darkness.  But something even more sinister, centuries in the making is on its way.
Simon, Samuel, and Seth Bell do not remember who transformed them into vampires, or for what purpose, or why their parents did not survive.  All they know is that they have to struggle to adjust to their new state of being, living in the small town of New Hope.  They must also cope with their endless thirst for the blood of humans.

As more and even stranger creatures arrive in New Hope threatening all who live there, the town's darker side is brought to light, relationships are tested, and the brothers find themselves mixed up in a battle spreading across the continent, centuries in the making.
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IX: Articles of the Revolution

Part dystopian tale, part revolutionary how-to guide. Follow Bryan and Matthew Creed as they fight to spark a revolution.
The Revolution is Coming​​.

Two brothers, Bryan and Matthew Creed, are revolutionaries fighting against the oppressive government that controls their city. As the movement becomes more fractious and the two sides begin to resemble one another, it becomes unclear if the war is one they can win, or one they should win.
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